Research collaboration

The European Pain Federation EFIC® is part of the consortium ‘IMI Pain Care’. The consortium will deliver on the project “Improving the care of patients suffering from acute or chronic pain”. Funded though IMI 2, The call for this project has been put forward by the Pain Group of IMI2, which includes the pharmaceutical companies Bayer, Novartis, Lilly and TEVA, co-led by Grünenthal and Esteve.

The project will address three specific scientific challenges:

  • Patient reported outcome measures to improve management of acute and chronic pain (PROMPT);
  • Pharmacological validation of functional pain biomarkers in healthy subjects and animals (BioPain);
  • Improving translation in chronic pelvic pain (TRiPP).

Objectives of IMI-PainCare are:

  • Alignment on outcomes in acute postoperative and chronic pain which enable follow-up of treatment success in clinical practice and are suitable for use in clinical trials for drug development.
  • Refining preclinical pain models and enhancing their translation into the clinic;
  • Identification of translatable pharmacodynamic biomarkers to prove target engagement in the clinical development of new analgesics;
  • Providing new approaches for patient stratification in clinical trials;
  • Supporting decision making in clinical practice;
  • Disseminating the findings broadly, including to decision makers.
More information about the project and the different topics can be found here.
The ‘IMI Pain Care’ consortium started its activities in June 2018. The European Pain Federation EFIC® is one of the organizations responsible for communication and dissemination of its results. As such, we look forward to provide you with updates on the project development.
For more information please visit the IMI Pain Care website