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The European Pain Federation EFIC is seeking new volunteers to participate in our projects in the fields of education, research, and advocacy.

The objectives of EFIC are:

  1. To improve research, education, and clinical management of pain and serve as an authoritative, science-based resource on issues related to pain and its treatment.
  2. To promote multidisciplinary and multi-professional pain management and the ‘biopsychosocial’ model of pain.
  3. To advance the understanding and knowledge of pain mechanisms, pain characteristics, diagnosis of pain conditions, the impact of pain on the individual and on society, and the management of pain.
  4. To support the work of its Chapters in achieving these objectives.

We are currently looking for volunteers for the following projects:

  • Pain Medicine Curriculum
  • Physiotherapy Curriculum
  • Psychologists Curriculum
  • Nurses Curriculum
  • Patient education group
  • Societal Impact of Pain – Digital medicine experts
  • Societal Impact of Pain – Pain and employment experts
  • Health literacy

We are also open to applications on other projects. You can find details of our current working groups and projects on our website and in our latest annual reportWe will do our best to accommodate as many volunteers as possible!