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Due to travel and meeting restrictions created by the COVID-19 crisis, the European Pain Federation EFIC will unfortunately not be organising any examinations in 2020.

We had hoped to organise a partial examination but have come to the decision to postpone these plans also. We are in the process of choosing a technology provider for future online educational needs, which will make online assessments much easier from 2021 onwards. We did not want to rush this decision and so have decided to plan for a 2021 launch.

The situation is unpredictable, and a full in-person examination in spring 2021 looks unlikely. We will therefore plan for a sitting around summer 2021 and will make a decision on dates in Q1.

We thank you for your patience so far. We look forward to inviting more participants to take our examination in 2021.

Any potential exam participant who wishes to prepare for the examination would benefit from attending the EFIC Virtual Pain Education Summit on 6-8 November 2020.

We look forward to seeing you soon.