Inner Circle

What is the Inner Circle?

The Inner Circle is a forum of the European Pain Federation for discussion and partnership with industry stakeholders.

The European Pain Federation recognizes pain as a biopsychosocial phenomenon and is committed to multidisciplinary and multimodal pain management and treatment. Pharmacotherapy and interventional pain management are important cornerstones of the medical approach to pain. In addition, non-pharmacological strategies such as physical activity, physiotherapy, distractive techniques and psychological support are key in the management of pain. While we recognise the diversity of available therapies, fundamental to pain medicine are the products developed by companies working in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices. In addition, we are also seeing companies developing commercial e-health products and tools which could contribute to the alleviation, management and selfcare of pain.

The Inner Circle is a forum for the European Pain Federation to work with such companies on a mutually respectful basis, to share insights, develop partnerships and discuss developments in the field of pain medicine.

All funding will be made public, as will an annual summary of interactions and projects derived from the Inner Circle.

For more information on the Inner Circle scheme, please contact


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