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The Virtual Pain Education Summit presented by the European Pain Federation EFIC took place on 6-8 November 2020. Featuring over 40 hours of pain education sessions offered over 3 days, a diverse and international faculty made up of over 100 dedicated experts in their field, interprofessional sessions and topical lectures, this event was attended by more than 1,100 registrants from 88 different countries and accompanied by a lively and supportive community on social media.

As it is one of our main goals to support pain education across all the healthcare disciplines, we were proud to present a truly interprofessional educational experience which we hope serves as a model for the future. The virtual format of the summit will allow high quality education material to easily reach our community during a period when physical meetings seem impossible. We are incredibly grateful for the work our Co-Chairs President Brona Fullen and Immediate Past President Bart Morlion, the scientific committee members and faculty members have done to make the summit a great success.

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