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Accredited with 16 European CME credits (ECMEC®s).


Here is what attendees of the #EFICVirtualPainSummit 2020 thought:


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Agreed that the event improved their understanding of basic pain science

Why attend the #EFICVirtualPainSummit?

Over 40 hours of teaching across 3 days
Specific tracks for physicians, physiotherapists, psychologists and nurses
Cutting-edge science lectures on hot topics
Over 100 faculty members
Courses modelled specifically around the European Pain Federation curricula
Interprofessional learning sessions

Meet the Faculty


Brona Fullen, Ireland
Bart Morlion, Belgium

Track Leaders and Co-Leaders:

Pain Medicine: Bart Morlion, Belgium and Indre Bileviciute-Ljungar, Sweden

Pain Physiotherapy: Harriet Wittink, the Netherlands and An de Groef, Belgium

Pain Nursing: Emma Briggs, United Kingdom and Rianne van Boekel, the Netherlands

Pain Psychology: Edmund Keogh, United Kingdom and Sónia F. Bernardes, Portugal

Sam Ahmedzai, United Kingdom
Shaireen Aleem, United Kingdom
Claire Ashton-James, Australia
Nadine Attal, France
Edward Baker, United Kingdom
Alexander Baldacchino, United Kingdom
Tim Beames, United Kingdom
Sivera Berben, Netherlands
Sónia Bernardes, Portugal
Indre Bileviciute-Ljungar, Sweden
Catherine Blake, Ireland
Katja Boersma, Sweden
Didier Bouhassira, France
Chris Bridgeford, United Kingdom
Emma Briggs, United Kingdom
Line Caes, United Kingdom
Paul Campbell, United Kingdom
Karin Cannons, United Kingdom
Máire-Bríd Casey, Ireland
Suzanne Chapman, United Kingdom
Rajiv Chawla, United Kingdom
Flaminia Coluzzi, Italy
An De Groef, Belgium
Verena Del Valle Mattsson, Switzerland
Bart Depreitere, Belgium
Hemakumar Devan, New Zealand
Catherine Doody, Ireland
Owen Doody, Ireland
Stefan Elbers, Netherlands
Patrick Finan, United States
David Finn, Ireland
Emma Fisher, United Kingdom
Rainer Freynhagen, Germany

Johanna Fritz, Sweden
Brona Fullen, Ireland
Martin Galligan, United Kingdom
Luis Garcia-Larrea, France
Janne Gierthmuhlen, Germany
Irmela Gnass, Austria
Thomas Hadjistavropoulos, Canada
Monika Hasenbring, Germany
Hani Hattar, Sweden
Winfried Häuser, Germany
Jasmine Hearn, United Kingdom

Sigrid Heemskerk, Netherlands
Jonathan Hill, United Kingdom
Adam Hirsh, United Stated
Morten Høgh, Denmark
David Hohenschurz-Schmidt, United Kingdom
Sinead Holden, Denmark
Ivan Huijnen, Netherlands
Kelly Ickmans, Belgium
Bettina Jürries, Germany
Ulrike Kaiser, Germany
Judith Kappesser, Germany
Kai Karos, Belgium
Edmund Keogh, United Kingdom
Corelien Kloek, Netherlands
Roger Knaggs, United Kingdom
Andreas Kopf, Germany
Nevenka Krcevski Skvarc, Slovenia
Miriam Kunz, Germany
Antoon De Laat, Belgium
Natalie Lane, United Kingdom

Stefan Lautenbacher, Germany
Emelien Lauwerier, Belgium
Chris Main, United Kingdom
Anneleen Malfliet, Belgium
Petra Mandysova, Czech Republic
Peter Mattenklodt, Germany
Candy McCabe, United Kingdom
Lance McCracken, Sweden
Meghan McMurtry, Canada
Winfried Meissner, Germany
Ann Meulders, Belgium
Bart Morlion, Belgium
Lorimer Moseley, Australia
Andre Mouraux, Belgium
Sam Narouze, United States
Nadja Nestler, Austria
Michael Nicholas, Australia
Rubén Nieto, Spain
Melanie Noel, Canada
Neil O’Connell, United Kingdom

Norma O’Keeffe, Ireland
Siobhain O’Mahony, Ireland
Francesca Oppitz, Netherlands
Tonya Palermo, United States
Harm Peters, Germany
Madelon Peters, Netherlands
Gisèle Pickering, France
Stephanie Poulton, United Kingdom
Suzanne Pouwels, Netherlands
Michiel Punt, Netherlands
Michael Rathleff, Denmark
Deepak Ravindran, United Kingdom
Roland Reezigt, Netherlands

Jenny Rickardsson, Sweden
Dimitri Van Ryckeghem, Netherlands
Harbinder Sandhu, United Kingdom
Arnt Schellekens, Netherlands
Patricia Schofield, United Kingdom
Whitney Scott, United Kingdom
Manohar Sharma, United Kingdom
William Shaw, United States
Benjamin Smith, United Kingdom
Anne Söderlund, Sweden
Peter Staats, United States
Tasha Stanton, Australia
Amelia Swift, United Kingdom
Lissanthea Taylor, Australia
Nicola Torrance, United Kingdom
Zina Trost, United States
Dominique Van Der Velde, Belgium
Eveline van Looveren, Belgium
Jessica Van Oosterwijck, Belgium
Koen Van Boxem, Belgium
Peter Van Wambeke, Belgium
Rianne van Boekel, Netherlands
Rianne van der Heijden, Netherlands
Koen Vanhonsebrouck, Belgium
Mark Van Tilburg, Netherlands
Johannes Vlaeyen, Belgium
Kevin Vowles, United Kingdom
Julia Wager, Germany
Tim Watson, United Kingdom
Rikard Wicksell, Sweden
Katie Witkiewitz, United States
Harriet Wittink, Netherlands
Sigridur Zoëga, Iceland

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Meet the #EFICVirtualPainSummit Committee Members

Brona Fullen

Brona Fullen

Brona Fullen is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science, University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland. She holds a BSc Physiotherapy (UUJ) and PhD (UCD) degrees. Brona teaches in the area of pain science to undergraduate and postgraduate studentsShe is a founding member and Co-Director of the UCD Centre for Translational Pain Research.  Brona’s research areas of interest include health literacy and the multidisciplinary assessment and rehabilitation of people with chronic painBrona is President of the European Pain Federation EFIC®. 

Bart Morlion

Bart Morlion

Bart Morlion trained as an anesthesiologist but works since over 25 years full time in pain medicine. He is the director of the Leuven Centre for Algology & Pain Management at the University Hospitals of Leuven and clinical professor at the University of Leuven, where he teaches pain management, pharmacology and evidence based medicine at the medical school 

He ended his term as president of the European Pain Federation EFIC in September 2020 and is serving currently as immediate past president in the executive board of EFIC. He is past president of the Belgian Pain Society (2006-2012). He is program director of the Belgian Interuniversity Postgraduate Studies in Algology and is also an active member of several committees in international scientific societiesBart Morlion is deputy editor of the European Journal of Pain and author of numerous publications on the management of pain. His professional interests include all aspects of multimodal chronic pain management, including pharmacotherapy and the role of nutrition in pain. 


Sónia F. Bernardes

Sónia F. Bernardes

Sónia F. Bernardes is an Associate Professor with Habilitation in Psychology at the Department of Social and Organizational Psychology of Iscte-University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal. She is currently the Director of the Department and was former Vice-director of the Centre for Social Research and Intervention (CIS-iscte), Director of the Master in Social Psychology of Health and Head of the Research Group Health for All (H4A).

Her main research interests have generally revolved around social disparities in health and the role of psychosocial influences on chronic illness adaptation processes. She has mainly explored these issues in (chronic) pain contexts. Her current main lines of research aim to:

(1) understand the psychosocial processes accounting for health-care professionals’ (gender and social status) biases in the assessment and treatment of a patient’s pain;
(2) investigate the role of interpersonal dynamics in pain experiences, namely, pain-related social support interactions for the promotion of functional autonomy among adults with chronic pain.

Several national scientific awards have recognized her scientific contributions, namely, the Research Merit Award of the Portuguese Health Psychology Society (2008), Young Researcher Award of the Portuguese Psychological Association (2013), Best Paper Awards by the Portuguese Association for the Development of Pain Therapies (ASTOR) and the Grüenenthal PAIN Prize 2016.

She is regularly involved in outreach activities, e.g., healthcare professionals’ training, development of health-related guidelines, consultancy services (pain units, pharmaceutical industry, patient associations).

Emma Briggs

Emma Briggs

Emma is based at the Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery & Palliative Care, King’s College London. At King’s she led the development of the UK’s first Interprofessional Pain Education programme that is delivered annually for 1300 students from six disciplines. As a member of the European Pain Federation EFIC Education Committee, she has the privilege of chairing the Nursing Working Group that developed the EFIC Core Curriculum for the European Diploma in Pain Nursing and interprofessional competencies across the EFIC curricula. She is passionate about interprofessional and competency–based education (developing skills, knowledge and values) and works locally, nationally and internationally to improve pain education for the benefit of people in pain.  

She is past chair of the British Pain Society Education Special Interest Group where she and the team have led a number of projects to develop undergraduate and postgraduate education. Emma is also a member of the International Association for the Study of Pain Education Initiatives Working Group.  

An De Groef

An De Groef

An De Groef is physiotherapist and holds a PhD in Biomedical Sciences. During her PhD she coordinated several research projects on the effectiveness of physical therapy for prevention and treatment of upper limb pain after breast cancer treatment. Currently, An De Groef is FWO postdoctoral researcher at the University of Leuven and University of Antwerp and Assistant Professor at the University of Antwerp. Her topic of interest is the evaluation, prevention and treatment of different comorbidities, including pain, upper limb dysfunctions and sensory dysfunctions in different cancer populations. An De Groef co-authored >50 peer reviewed publications and has extensive (inter)national experience in educating students and clinicians and presenting at (inter)national conferences. As physiotherapist she has clinical experience in the evaluation and treatment of cancer survivors with pain.

Luis Garcia-Larrea

Luis Garcia-Larrea

Luis Garcia-Larrea (Madrid, 1956) obtained his MD and PhD degrees, and the medical specialisation in Clinical Neurophysiology from the University of Barcelona (Spain). He is currently Research Director at the INSERM (National Agency for Medical Research, France), Head of the Inserm / University research Lab “Central Integration of Pain in Humans” (NeuroPain) at the Centre for Neuroscience of Lyon, and member of the Neurological Hospital Pain Center. His main research interests are the cortical processing of somatic sensations, the diagnosis and prediction of neuropathic pain, and its therapy using cortical neurostimulation. He is author of more than 200 scientific publications and 50 didactic papers on these topics, and Editor of the Book “Pain in the Conscious Brain” (IASP–Wolters-Kluver 2016). He served as President of the French (2008-10) and European Societies of Clinical Neurophysiology (2010-2015), as Deputy Director of the Human Biology Department of Lyon Claude Bernard University (2013-2017), and is currently Editor-in-Chief of The European Journal of Pain (2016 - ). He serves as member of the European Task Forces for the Assessment of neuropathic pain and neurostimulation techniques (European Federation of Neurology - EFNS) and has received awards from the Institut de France (Neuroscience Prize 2009; Pain research prize 2015), the French Pain Society (Prize for Translational Research 2013) and the IASP (Ronald Melzack Lecture Award 2012).

Morten Høgh

Morten Høgh

Frank Huygen

Frank Huygen

Frank Huygen is full Professor in Anesthesiology especially Pain Medicine in Erasmusmc and University Medical Center Utrecht. 

He is principle investigator in several research lines especially focusing on CRPS and neuromodulation. He authored more than 200 peer reviewed articles, chapters in books and journals. He is member of the editorial boards of the journal of Pain Practice and the journal of Neuromodulation. In 2019 he chaired the scientific committee of the 11th EFIC World congress of pain in Valencia. Since 2020, he chairs the Education Committee of the European Pain Federation (EFIC). 

Eija Kalso
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Eija Kalso

Eija Kalso

Eija Kalso

Eija Kalso, MD, DMedSci, graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Helsinki where she also defended her doctoral thesis. She is a specialist in anaesthesiology and has a special competence in pain medicine. She continues to work at the Helsinki University Hospital with a main affiliation at the University of Helsinki, Dept. of Pharmacology and SleepWell research programme. She has been full professor in Pain Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine since 2004. She served as vice dean for the faculty in 2010-2013. She was elected to the Finnish Academy of Sciences in 2010 and to the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters in 2017. 

Eija Kalso has spent two most fruitful prostdoctoral years at the University of Oxford and worked first as a clinical lecturer and later as visiting professor at the Karolinska Institute.  Eija Kalso is the founding president of The Finnish Association for the Study of Pain and president of the Scandinavian Association for the Study of Pain. She has served in several committees and in the Council and executive committees of IASP, the president of which she was in 2010-2012. Eija Kalso has also served in the editorial boards of the European Journal of Pain, PAIN, and Scandinavian Journal of Pain. 

The main research interest of Eija Kalso include both basic and clinical pharmacology of pain, multidisciplinary pain medicine, genetics of pain and recently also the role of sleep in pain. 

Edmund Keogh

Edmund Keogh

Ed Keogh is Deputy Director of the Bath Centre for Pain Research and Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology, both based at the University of Bath in the UK. His PhD was in Psychology from Goldsmiths College, University of London (UK), where he examined the effect of anxiety on cognitive biases towards threatening information. Following a lectureship post in London, he moved to the University of Bath in 2003. Eds primary research interests focus on two core themes. The first is in sex and gender differences in pain, with a focus on the role of psychosocial factors. He is exploring social factors in men and womens pain, especially those related to pain communication. The second interest is on the role that attention has in the perception and experience of pain. Here he focuses on the interruptive effects of pain on attention, as well as exploring biases in attention towards pain. His current interest are in bringing these two areas together, looking on whether there are sex and gender differences in attention to nonverbal pain signals. He has written extensively on these areas of pain, has over 100 publications, and regularly presents his work nationally and internationally. 

Andreas Kopf

Andreas Kopf

  • Residency in Anaesthesia 1989 to 1995, Free University of Berlin 
  • Attending in Anaesthesia since 1996, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin 
  • Director pain and palliative medicine department Campus Benjamin Franklin since 1998 
  • 2012 to 2020 chair educational committee European Pain Federation  
  • Teaching chair module pain and psychology 
  • Visiting lecturer, Dept. of Medical Physiology, University of Nairobi since 2004 
  • Chair undergraduate teaching and international projects of the German Pain Society since 2006 
  • Affiliation: Dept. of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Campus Benjamin Franklin, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin 
Nevenka Krcevski Skvarc

Nevenka Krcevski Skvarc

Nevenka Krcevski Skvarc is assistant professor since 2010 for anesthesiology, pain medicine and palliative care at Faculty of Medicine of University Maribor where is chairing the Institute for Palliative Medicine and Care, too. She is retired anesthesiologist and currently works as consultant in palliative care in Medical Center Maribor.

In the field of pain and palliative care is participating as lecturer and researcher at clinical and faculty level as well as in scientific organizations at national and international level. Before retirement she worked more than 30 years as the head of pain unit at Medical Center Maribor. She established Slovenian Pain Association and had a position of Honorary Secretary in European Pain Federation EFIC. Currently is EFIC and National Pain Association councillor. For her work she attained numerous recognitions such as EFIC Pain Champion, Silver Key by University Maribor, Lifetime Achievement Award from Slovenian Association of Anaesthesiology, Golden Award and Honorary Membership from Slovenian Pain Association and others.

Main interest: cancer, chronic and neuropathic pain, palliative care.

Rudolf Likar

Rudolf Likar

Head of department of anesthesiology and intensive care medicine, General Hospital Wolfsberg

Present fields of medical activity:

  • Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine in the emergency vehicle and helicopter services
  • Subspecialty Pain Therapy - Training of residents

Medical organizational responsibilities:

  • Organization and development of the Pain Clinic in the General Hospital Klagenfurt
  • Organization of the international pain congresses in Kärnten (Carinthia, Austria): 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2020
  • Co-organization of the Austrian Pain Congress (1996, 2001)
  • Yearly three day conferences for applied pain therapy (since 1993)
  • Cooperation with the University Erlangen
  • Scientific organization of the Conference for applied pain therapy, German
  • Anaesthesia Congress (Jan.96, St.Anton/Arlberg)
  • Organization of the regional nutrition team for the province of Carinthia
  • Organization of the regional palliative programm
  • Secretary of the Austrian pain society (1994 – 2004)
  • President of the Austrian pain society (2005 – 2007)
  • Councilor-Austria – EFIC
  • President of the ÖGARI (Austrian society for anesthesia, resuscitation and intensive care)
  • President of the Austrian palliative society (OPG)
Mary O’Keeffe

Mary O’Keeffe

Mary O’Keeffe is a physiotherapist, trainee journalist, and postdoctoral research fellow based in Ireland. Her research is funded through a European Union Marie Curie fellowship. Mary’s main interests are public knowledge and communication about back pain, the media’s portrayal of medical tests and treatments across healthcare, and supporting journalists in their reporting of healthcare matters.   

Harm Peters

Harm Peters

Harm Peters is professor for Medical Education and Medicine at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany. He has been actively involved in educational reform initiatives for two decades, both as a teacher, curriculum developer and faculty developer.  H. Peters is director of Dieter Scheffner Center for Medical Education and Educational Research at the Charité.  

Manohar Sharma

Manohar Sharma

Dr ManoharSharma is a Consultant in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia who specialises in Pain Management and Spinal Pain. At Fairfield Independent Hospital Dr Manohar Sharma is also the clinical lead for the Pain Management Clinic. 

Clinical interests include: 

  • Cancer pain, Spinal pain 
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia 
  • Neuromodulation for pain and other indications (bowel and bladder problems) 
  • Spinal injections for chronic pain. 

He is currently Consultant in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia, The Walton Centre and Honorary Lecturer, University of Liverpool. 

Rianne L.M. van Boekel

Rianne L.M. van Boekel

Regina (Rianne) L.M. van Boekel PhD, RN is a trained nurse, teacher, epidemiologist and researcher. She is currently assistant professor at the Department of Anesthesiology, Pain and Palliative Medicine of the Radboud university medical center in the Netherlands. Her research focuses on postoperative pain managementRianne coordinates the two-year post-graduate program for pain nurse consultant at the HAN University of Applied Sciences and is the president of the Dutch Association of Pain nurses. She also served as a board member of the Dutch Pain Society and Pain Alliance in the Netherlands (P.A.I.N.). 

Harriët Wittink

Harriët Wittink

Harriët Wittink, PhD PT is a physiotherapist and Professor and chair of the Lifestyle and Health research group, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht, The Netherlands. She holds a Master of Science in Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine from the Institute of Health Professions at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, and a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies from Boston University. Her research interests are chronic pain (physiotherapy) management, physical activity and behavioral change, health literacy and clinimetrics. She has authored over a 100 book chapters, monographs, and scientific papers. Her book “chronic pain management for physical therapists” was the first book on this topic for physiotherapists. She is currently the chair of the EFIC physiotherapy examination committee and vice chair of the EFIC education committee.

EACCME® Accreditation

The Virtual Pain Education Summit presented by the European Pain Federation, online platform, Belgium, 04/11/2021-06/11/2021 has been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) with 16 European CME credits (ECMEC®s). Each medical specialist should claim only those hours of credit that he/she actually spent in the educational activity.

Through an agreement between the Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes and the American Medical Association, physicians may convert EACCME® credits to an equivalent number of AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM. Information on the process to convert EACCME® credit to AMA credit can be found at

Live educational activities, occurring outside of Canada, recognised by the UEMS-EACCME® for ECMEC®s are deemed to be Accredited Group Learning Activities (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Please note: Each participant can only receive the number of credits he/she is entitled to according to his/her actual participation at the event once he/she has completed the feedback form. Cf. criteria 9 and 23 of UEMS 2016.20. Please find below the breakdown of ECMEC®s per day:
04.11.2021 – 6.00
05.11.2021 – 6.00
06.11.2021 – 4.00


In accordance with CME/CPD accreditation criteria and standards for commercial support to ensure balance, independence, objectivity, and scientific rigor, those in control of the educational content must disclose potential or actual conflicts of interest. Disclosure information will be evaluated, and conflicts of interest will be resolved. Disclosure is made available to participants prior to the activity. Participants will be asked on the evaluation to assess the objectivity and independence of the event.

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