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Physical activity´s well known health benefits include a reduced risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and improved mental health. What is less well known is that greater levels of physical activity and exercise are also associated with a lower risk of developing chronic pain.Thus, our president Bart Morlion has launched the idea of a presidential campaign, that will run across the three-year mandate of each President. The theme for 2017-2020 is ‘EFIC On the Move’ focusing on the importance of physical activity in preventing primary and secondary pain.


All healthcare professionals should advise patients on the importance of physical activity and the role that  physical activity plays in the prevention of chronic pain. This requires knowledge, motivation, empowerment (using language that patients understand), a physical environment that facilitates change and a plan that helps them to persevere.


  • A working group of patients, medical doctors and physiotherapists joined forces to define campaign goals and focus under the leadership of EFIC Presiden Elect, Brona Fullen
  • First brainstorm meeting in the European Parliament June 2018
  • In 2019, the European Region of the World Congress of Physical Therapy joins the campaign to co-produce On the move infographic, summarizing the key messages of the campaign
  • EFIC on the move was featured during the European Public Health Week 2019
  • EFIC on the move was as a prominent theme of the EFIC 2019 congress, including with videos
  • EFIC on the move was showcased through a poster presentation, along with many other advocacy and education projects at the Societal Impact of Pain 2019 Symposium


The campaign messages have already been widely disseminated, and we will reach out to our community across Europe to further disseminate them further and translate the material in other languages. In 2020 they will be included in the Global and European Year for Pain Prevention organized with the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). To evaluate the reach and impact of this campaign a survey will be launched later this year, which will help us to define the next steps.