Current Collaborations

Include EFIC as a partner in your research consortium


Effective communication of results and societal/clinical impact are increasingly emphasised by research funding bodies. EFIC can help your research project achieve this and more through doing the following:

  • Communicate your research project results and updates via EFIC’s online communication channels – social media, mailing list, website
  • Produce and share video interviews about your research
  • Host open webinars on your research
  • Connect you to the programme organisers for our scientific meetings, where you may be offered the opportunity to showcase your research
  • Provide access to our database of 20,000 clinicians and researchers, including for survey participation.
  • Recruit subject matter experts through our ‘Pain Scientist Network’
  • Patient and public involvement; Involve = patients and other stakeholders in your research through our strong links with patient organisations and experience in lay-audience communication
  • Boost your network through engaging with our established connections with scientific societies, industry, patients’ organisations and policy makers.


If you are applying for a grant or hoping to form a pain research consortium, please contact for more information on how EFIC could contribute.

Choose EFIC as a secondment location for your Marie Curie fellowship


EFIC – as a non-academic organisation – provides a wonderful opportunity for young pain researchers to develop important transferable skills, and be exposed to activities, that are generally not a large part of the traditional academic environment. In particular, you have the opportunity to reach individuals in the non-academic sector, such as policy makers, politicians, clinicians, insurance companies and pain advocacy groups in Europe.

In a 3-6 month secondment here, you will have to the opportunity to achieve the following:

  • Communicate your research project results via EFIC’s online communication channels
  • Play a key role in EFIC’s communications team and guide its science-based communication approach
  • Participate in the planning and project management of educational events
  • Lead webinars and interviews with renowned pain researchers
  • Engage with senior pain researchers to boost your networks
  • Participate in advocacy work – understanding the policy process and how to influence it
  • Get to know how a non-profit and non-academic organisation is managed


If you are applying for a Marie Curie fellowship and are interested in including a secondment with EFIC, please contact for more information.

Read the testimonial of Mary O’Keeffe who completed a secondment with EFIC in 2020 here.


Current Collaborations

Please find more information and updates on our current collaborations below.

Project name: IMI-Pain Care

Project description: IMI-PainCare is a large multi-stakeholder consortium funded via the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 programme, which receives funding from the European Commission and the pharmaceutical industry. IMI-PainCare aims to develop alignment on patient reported outcomes used in pain research, identification of biomarkers for pain, and the refinement of preclinical models for improved translational pain research.

EFIC’s role in the project: EFIC is one of three scientific societies contributing to the project. EFIC leads on communication activities, disseminating the results of the project to the wider scientific community and general public, providing strategic communication advice and leading on content development such as webinars and lay summaries.
Find out more about IMI-Pain Care in this video below:

News from IMI-Pain Care

IMI PainCare: update June 2021

IMI-PainCare is an international public-private partnership project*, aiming at improving the care of patients suffering from acute or chronic pain. The project addresses three different topics: Patient reported outcome measures to improve management of acute and...

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Project name: Comorbidity of cHronic Pain and mood disorders: breaking the vicious cYcle (HaPpY)

Project description: HaPpY is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network funded via the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 budget. HaPpY aims to create an optimal environment for the training of Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) to break the vicious cycle linking chronic pain and mood disorders.

EFIC’s role in the project: EFIC is acting as a host location for ESRs, where researchers will be able to develop a range of transferable skills through working directly for EFIC on its educational and scientific projects, as well as on advocacy, communication and general association management responsibilities.

News from HaPpY

Calling all Early Stage Researchers: Join the HaPpY Network!

Calling all Early Stage Researchers: Join the HaPpY Network!

Are you an early stage researcher looking to advance your knowledge in chronic pain and/or mood disorders? Then apply for one of 15 positions in the HaPpY network! HaPpY's ambitious endeavor is to break the vicious cycle linking pain and mood disorders. To respond to...

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EIT Health Wild Card 2021 Pain Management call



Project name: EIT Health Wild Card 2021 Pain Management call

Project description:EIT Health is a public private partnership funded via the European Commission, bringing together scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, clinicians and others to foster innovative research and business proposals based on new technologies. The Wildcard programme establishes multidisciplinary teams who are asked to develop a project between them, pitch it to experts and, if chosen, develop a business plan and eventually launch with start-up funding. In 2021 Pain Management was chosen as one of two topics.

EFIC’s role in the project: EFIC have helped promote the call to the pain research community via communication activities, identify experts for the applicant review process, and to identify mentors and lecturers for those chosen.

Value of Treatment – Chronic Pain



Project name: Value of Treatment – Chronic Pain

Project description: The Value of Treatment project is managed by the European Brain Council with financial support from Grunenthal and Pfizer. The project aims to develop a robust health economic assessment of multimodal chronic pain treatment, with input from patients, researchers and clinicians. The project aims to identify the ideal care pathways for various pain types and the socioeconomic impacts of adequate treatment.

EFIC’s role in the project: EFIC nominated experts to participate in the project, including the current project lead, Professor Rolf-Detlef Treede. EFIC experts provide advice on the project methodology and the EFIC team will eventually support communication and dissemination via advocacy activities.

Past Collaborations

Please find more information on past collaborations below.




Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship – Mary O’Keeffe