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Current projects

The European Pain Federation EFIC campaigns to improve government policies that affect pain and to raise awareness of the importance of pain, including its management, treatment and prevention, amongst patients and the general public. The following objectives and targets for the future guide the European Pain Federation’s overall advocacy activities. Additionally, the projects below demonstrate our work in this area.

Here is an overview of our objectives:

  1. Be a trusted scientific partner for policy makers on policy issues related to pain prevention, management and treatment
  2. Unify and represent the voices of scientific societies in Europe around the idea of ‘pain as a biopsychosocial phenomenon’
  3. Be an inclusive organisation, recognising the value of all professions involved in pain management, as well as the voice of patients
  4. Foster the uptake of pain education for healthcare professionals in Europe at all levels of education
  5. Promote pain as a priority research area, and encourage European and national research funding bodies to include pain as priority area
  6. Campaign for (access to) multiprofessional and multimodal pain management
  7. Promote the concept of ‘pain as a condition in its own right’ to empower patients with chronic primary pain
  8. Engage in an evidence-based approach to controversies and societal concerns to inform public understanding
  9. Promote the role of physical activity and low-risk interventions in pain management
  10. Promote improved health literacy amongst HCPs, patients and general public to improve adherence to treatment and better self-management


Societal Impact of Pain (SIP)

Global Year Against Pain (GYAP)

European Pain Forum

On The Move

Cancer Pain Policy