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Pain Schools

What are the European Pain Federation EFIC® Pain Schools?

The Pain Schools are courses aimed at young (preferably under 45 years of age) European medical doctors and allied health professionals  who are interested in further developing their knowledge and expertise in the field of pain management. The courses run for 4-5 days and include an evidence-based approach to the assessment, diagnosis and comprehensive management of pain patients.

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How can I apply for a grant to attend a European Pain Federation EFIC® Pain School?

EFIC offer 15 places per Pain School free of charge via a grant. For the chosen 15 applicants, all teaching and related activities are provided for free, along with accommodation and meals. The only significant cost these applicants should expect to pay is their travel.

Candidates should apply via EFIC centrally, or via their EFIC national chapter using this application form. 

All applications are evaluated by the European Pain Federation EFIC® Committee on Education and approved by the Executive Board.

If a successful applicant is not able to attend the Pain School for any reason, the applicant or the Councillor representing the applicant must inform the office, the Pain School and the respective Councillor in writing minimum 30 working days before the start of the Pain School. If no prior notice is received in this time period the respective national Chapter will be held responsible to pay 20% of the grant (1000 € per applicant).

Deadline & Upcoming Pain Schools

Pain Schools are postponed until 2022. We will provide an update on 2022 when the international travel situation becomes more clear. Sign up here to be notified as soon as new EFIC Pain School dates become available.

Information on all Pain Schools

Basics in Pain Medicine

Location: Klagenfurt, Austria

When: September (usually)

Directors: Prof. Rudolf Likar and Dr. Reinhard Sittl

Focus: Basic knowledge of pain physiology and pharmacology, anamnesis of chronic pain patients, basics of psychological pain therapy and interdisciplinary multimodal therapy. Basics of therapy for acute pain, tumour pain, headache, neuropathic pain, musculoskeletal pain and visceral pain. All pain syndromes are interactively discussed and deepened in the course based on case studies.

Cancer Pain and Palliative Care

Location: Liverpool, UK or Maribor, Slovenia

When: Varies

Directors: Dr. Manohar Sharma or Prof. Nevenka Krcevski Skvarc

Focus: Skills for assessing and treating pain related to cancer and its treatment. Developing an evidence-based approach to assessment, formulating diagnoses and designing a comprehensive management plan including pain management. The emphasis is on a multidisciplinary approach to managing pain related to cancer.

Translational Pain Research: From Lab to Clinic

Location: Krakow, Poland

When: June (usually) – biennial

Director: Prof. Barbara Przewlocka

Focus: To develop skills on translational pain research for the purpose of building research projects based on the latest knowledge on physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology of pain, based on bi-directional translational studies.

Neuropathic Pain

Location: Venice, Italy

When: 2° week of October

Director: Dr. Roberto Casale

Focus: To develop skills for assessing and treating neuropathic pain. To offer clarity on the most recent scientific evidence and guide lines on assessing neuropathic pain, its disease entity and its burden. Critical appraisal on pharmacological and non pharmacological treatment options.

Attending a Pain School without a grant

Is it possible to attend a Pain School without the Grant?

Yes, in this case you need to contact the Pain School directly via the email address, or via the schools website:

Travel information

Please allow sufficient time to request your international PASSPORT/VISA requirements for travel purposes

Note: With your registration at one of the  Pain Schools you automatically give European Pain Federation EFIC® the right to send announcements, news, educational initiatives, congresses, symposia, European Journal Of Pain, etc. to you via e-mail.

Guidance for new Pain Schools

EFIC is considering proposals for new Pain Schools. Proposals must follow the principles below:

• Provide a stimulating learning environment, careful planning of teaching and social events and interactive lecturers
• Position EFIC® as a highly professional organization offering quality CME.
• Model the Pain Schools teaching to align it with the EFIC® Curricula and future Common Training Framework.
• Strengthen the focus on interprofessional, interdisciplinary, and multimodal pain medicine
• Attract self-paying participants 
• Create Pain Schools alumni and foster long-term dedication of participants to interprofessional pain medicine, following the EFIC® approach.
• Pain Schools to act as a supplementary learning aid for those preparing for the EFIC® examinations, but not to model the Schools as ‘prep courses’ for the examinations.
• Enabling the creation of quality CME material, like videos, webcasts, slides etc. in collaboration with the on-site faculty.

Please contact for further information.