Pain Curricula

We have developed curricula on pain medicine and pain physiotherapy  accompanying the examinations: the European Diploma in Pain Medicine (EDPM) and the European Diploma in Pain Psychology (EDPP) examinations take place once a year. Further curricula are being developed on nursing and clinical psychology.

Please click here to download the complete European Pain Federation EFIC® Core Curriculum for Medical Students.

An interdisciplinary teaching approach based on the German Medical Licensure Act (valid since: October 1, 2003) First published for German Medical Schools after passing February 1st, 2008 the steering committee of the DGSS – Deutsche Gesellschaft zum Studium des Schmerzes e.V. (German Chapter of the IASP – International Association for the Study of Pain). Adapted European version written and released by the Committee on Education of European Pain Federation EFIC®


Please find the Core Curriculum for the European Diploma in Pain Medicine here.

The 2016 curriculum articulates the learning outcomes to be achieved through trainees’ self-directed learning, clinical experience in the workplace and other educational experiences delivered during their training and helped by the EFIC® Pain Schools and educational initiatives. It aims to direct learning in conjunction with an accompanying literature reading list which will form the basis of the Multiple Choice examination Questions (MCQs) used in assessment. Knowledge of the curriculum, pain assessment and treatment skills will be evaluated by a two part examination – an MCQ followed by a series of Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) to test clinical skill performance and competence in modalities such as communication, clinical examination and diagnosis and treatment planning, including referral to colleagues for appropriate management. It is recognized that pain management requires a multidisciplinary approach and no single professional will have all of the necessary training and skills to treat all those across the spectrum of pain.

Please find the Core Curriculum for the European Diploma in Pain Psychology (EDPPsy) here.

 EDPPsy articulates the learning outcomes to be achieved through self directed learning, clinical experience, and educational experiences gained through their training and professional lives. It should be read alongside a recommended reading list. In the future, we expect that knowledge, attitudes and skills of the curriculum will be evaluated by a two-part exam (e.g. a multiple-choice questions exam and a practical exam) to test skills and competences (e.g. communication, diagnosis and clinical reasoning).

The EDPPsy is a new pillar within our pain education approach, and one which we have been working on for some time. Along with the curricula targeted at physicians, physiotherapists, and nursing, it will play a significant role in improving pain expertise across a variety of health professions.

The present EDPPsy curriculum is a dynamic instrument which will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to make sure it includes the most current advances in pain science, education and practice. We seek maximum endorsement by other professional organizations and are open to work together for the next review.


Please find the Core Curriculum for the European Diploma in Pain Physiotherapy here.

Please find the accompanying reading list here.

The European Pain Federation (EFIC®) decided to develop its own core curricula and Diplomas in order to better provide up to date pain science knowledge, clinical reasoning and management, as well as to allow the sharing of best practice amongst medical and allied healthcare practitioners.


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