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EFIC endorsement of educational events

Criteria for EFIC endorsement of educational events on pain medicine


As pain education across Europe and indeed across the globe varies widely, the European Pain Federation seeks to promote high quality pain education events wherever they take place. EFIC aims to strengthen multinational multiprofessional collaboration on pain education through the endorsement of educational events of this character.

Endorsement is open to all EFIC chapters and any other organisations demonstrating a track record of high quality education. Proposals should arrive at the EFIC office via at least six months before the start of the event to allow evaluation by the respective EFIC Committees and the EFIC Executive Board. EFIC will allow the organizers of the event to use the EFIC logo on the program and at the venue and will advertise the pain educational meeting through its website and social media.

The applicant will be informed by the EFIC Executive Board about the use of the EFIC logo for the announcement and the educational material on the event (website/programme). EFIC will provide promotional materials to the organiser which should be shared with attendees.

To obtain “endorsement”, the proposal must indicate:

  1. The event has a national or regional character, e.g. the organiser’s annual scientific meeting.
  2. The event is open to an audience from all healthcare professions involved in pain management.
  3. The program has to focus primarily on pain
  4. EFIC will look for a balanced program (from speakers, different disciplines, countries)
  5. Speakers should
    • be active in the domain of pain
    • originate from at least three different professions relevant to pain
    • be partially international
  6. CME-points awarded by the local awarding body are desirable
  7. Sponsorship or economical support has to be revealed, including disclosure on conflict of interest