Would you like to take part in the exam for the European Diploma in Pain Physiotherapy, but want to know more about what to study and where to start?

The European Pain Federation provides support on how to prepare for the EDPP exam.

The best place to start is the Core Curriculum. The skills and competencies necessary for the attainment of the diploma are listed in the Curriculum

We have provided various learning materials to bring the Curriculum to life, in particular the reading list. Note that reading the full list is not compulsory but it covers various areas that you may wish to study and revise.

In addition, we provide various educational videos to accompany the Curriculum. EFIC develops its educational program from an interprofessional perspective. The refresher courses from our scientific congress are developed with all our curricula in mind, including the Curriculum for the EDPP. You can find a selection of videos from our refresher courses identified as useful by our Examination Committee on our website.
Finally, you can watch a webinar organized by our Exam Committee Chair Harriet Wittink, explaining the exam format.

Enjoy the learning process and get prepared in the best way!