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The objectives of EFIC are:

  1. To improve research, education, and clinical management of pain and serve as an authoritative, science-based resource on issues related to pain and its treatment.
  2. To promote multidisciplinary and multi professional pain management and the ‘biopsychosocial’ model of pain.
  3. To advance the understanding and knowledge of pain mechanisms, pain characteristics, diagnosis of pain conditions, the impact of pain on the individual and on society, and the management of pain.
  4. To support the work of its Chapters in achieving these objectives.

EFIC hopes to achieve these objectives through the following activities:

  • Developing educational programs to improve pain knowledge amongst healthcare practitioners and researchers.
  • Raising awareness of the importance of pain, including its management, treatment and prevention, amongst patients and the general public.
  • Engaging in research projects and disseminating research funding, in order to advance the scientific understanding of pain.
  • Campaigning to improve policies that affect pain and to increase funding for pain in public research programs
  • Organising a scientific congress on pain, showcasing the latest research and clinical management approaches
  • Publishing a scientific journal, the European Journal of Pain, to disseminate the latest research findings and an evidence-based approach to pain medicine.
  • Creating and disseminating evidence-based guidance for clinicians.