The first SIP National Platform call of 2021 will take place virtually on the 8th of February. The meeting will be a follow up of the previous call, held last 26th of November. During the meeting, National Platform colleagues will share their recent updates, discuss their plans for SIP in 2021, and hear from special guest speakers about the CHRODIS Plus Workbox for chronic disease patients and employment.

The CHRODIS+ Joint Action is a high-level response from EU countries to step up and share good practices to alleviate the burden of chronic diseases. CHRODIS PLUS is a three-year initiative (2017-2020) funded by the European Commission and other organisations representing 21 European countries. Work Package 8 is focused on employment and chronic conditions.

For more information, check out these two videos:

Janna Lindström and Eeva Rantala talk about the Toolkit for Workplaces
Chrodis WP8 Toolkit EN

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