How to Establish and Successfully Manage SIP National Platforms?


This SIP National Platform Toolkit aims to be a practical step-by-step guide for national actors active in pain care – healthcare professionals, researchers, patients and industry – who wish to either set up a new Societal Impact of Pain National Platform (SIP NP) in countries where it does not yet exist or strengthen existing platforms.

National stakeholders will find insights on how to launch the platform, build its legitimacy and recognition, ensure adequate representativeness, accountability as well as how to build its long-term sustainability. The Toolkit also aims to encourage closer collaboration between national platforms and SIP Europe in order to increase capacity building as well as share knowledge and good practices.

Other stakeholders at national level such as decision – makers, private companies and trade associations or insurers might find this toolkit useful to improve their understanding of the role of national platforms as well as the synergies that may be drawn from supporting or partnering with them.

For more information, please read the SIP National Platform Toolkit here.