The Societal Impact of Pain (SIP) Platform is happy to announce the launch of its Leaflet on ICD-11, emphasising its capital importance in pain diagnosis and pain research!

ICD is a worldwide system used by doctors, healthcare providers, and researchers to classify and code various diseases, conditions, and health-related issues. The 11th Revision introduces specific codes that allows pain to be classified and recognised as a disease in its own right!

Implementing this tool collectively is an important step towards a better understanding of pain as a whole, but also for:

  • Improving patients’ quality of life,
  • Supporting the development of effective interventions,
  • Enhancing the digitalisation of healthcare services and,
  • Facilitating the access to precise information on costs, treatments and the societal impact of pain for shaping public health policies and campaigns.

Learn more about ICD-11 here and read the full Leaflet here.

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