Pain in Employment


Initiate policies addressing the impact of pain on employment and include pain in relevant existing initiatives.


We ask for reasonable, flexible workplace adjustments by employers which can help individuals with chronic pain to stay in work or reintegrate into the workforce.


We call on the European Commission to:


  • Work together with national authorities to promote policies that reflect the link between pain management/care and employment
  • Support projects such as CHRODIS-Plus and its participating organisations for the inclusion of pain into all of its proposed training tools as well as the development of any policies and recommendations, as tasked under Work Group 8.
  • Take into account the recommendations from the PATHWAYS project report when reviewing current strategies and broaden them to address the needs of patients with chronic diseases and mental health issues in relation to employment policies.


Our commitments:


  • Civil society, healthcare professionals, patient groups and industry representatives share best practice on flexible work environment for people living with pain and data gathered through surveys on employment and chronic pain to contribute to evidence-based policy making.


For further information about SIP long-term priorities visit the Joint Statement page here!