Conscious of the major relevance that its work can have on improving the quality of life amongst the most vulnerable populations, the Portuguese Association for the Pain Study (APED) promoted a National Gathering of all Pain Units, along with a Workshop on “Opioids in Vulnerable Populations”, focusing on frailty, children and psychopathology.

Both venues resulted in a fruitful exchange of knowledge and experience between pain doctors, anesthesiologists, psychologists, physiatrists, psychiatrists, nurses, pharmacists, and other professionals working within the Pain universe.

During the National event, APED presented its Position Paper on the use of Cannabinoids for chronic pain treatment, aiming to sum up in an official document the procedures to follow.

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IASP Global Year Fact Sheets – Portuguese translation already available 

This year APED worked on the translation of IASP’s Global Year Fact Sheets into Portuguese. This was a very important and fulfilling project for all APED’s team due to the relevance and support that these documents have on APED’s work for the most vulnerable populations.


“Drawings of my pain” – healing and releasing pain through artistic expression

This year APED will be editing the English version of the book “Drawings of my Pain”, focusing on children as a vulnerable population.

The book is the result of drawings gathered on the contest launched by APED to hospitalized children.

The goal was to help children release their personal emotions and perspective of their pain in an easier and playful way.

With these children’s illustrations, APED added scientific knowledge to the experience lived in the first person, creating a training and educational tool for the pediatric pain approach, suitable for professionals, patients and caregivers, equipping them with knowledge and strategies about the management of pain in this age group.

The book will soon be available on APED’s website: