A national symposium with international participation entitled “Pain in the hands – etiology, diagnostics and therapy” was held at the amphitheater of the Institute of Pharmacy, Medical faculty, in Novi Sad on October 19, 2019. The symposium was organized by the Clinical Center of Vojvodina and the Serbian Association of Pain Research and Treatment. The organizing team was led by Prof. Snezana Tomasevic Todorovic, PhD.

The national Symposium with international participation was multidisciplinary and attracted great interest from the expert and scientific community. Over 170 participants from Serbia, Republika Srpska and Montenegro received certificates. Representatives of the National Patient Association actively participated in the workshops and were introduced to contemporary approaches in the treatment of hand pain and additional therapy in accordance with good clinical practice guides.

Symposium program

Guidelines in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with hand osteoarthritis – Prof. Snеžаnа Тоmаšеvić-Тоdоrоvić

Hand pain and function in patients with hand osteoarthritis –  Јеlеnа Zvеkić-Svоrcаn

Inflammatory rheumatic diseases with dominant hand involvement – differential diagnosis, therapeutic approaches – Prof.  Bоškоvić Ksеniја

Acute pain therapy – Prof. Snežana Tomašević-Todorović

Injuries and diseases of nerves as a cause of pain in the hands –Таtјаnа Bućmа

Complex regional pain syndrome, a tailored physiotherapeutic approach – Koen Bernar

Results of therapy for complex regional pain syndrome in relation to pain intensity and patients’ beliefs about the causes of pain – Мilicа Klоpčič Spеvаk

Rheumatologic manifestations on the hands in pulmonary diseases – Dаlibоrkа Bursаć

Importance of musculoskeletal ultrasound in patients with hand pain – Kаrmеlа Filipоvić

Physiotherapy- evaluation of the hand – Ninа Lаčаnski

Hand pain- diagnostic and therapeutic principles: case reports – Doc. Dr. Аlеksаndаr Knеžеvić

Scoring in terms of the type of activity involved

This expert meeting was accredited, the organizers issued certificates of participation. Participation earned 9 points for lecturers, 5 points for passive participation, 6 points for poster presentation and 8 points for oral presentation.

Evaluation and conclusions

The opening ceremony began with a welcome speech by Prof. Tomašević-Todorović and Assistant Secretary Snežana Bojanić Stojić. All lecturers and gathered participants in front of the Clinical Center of Vojvodina were addressed by Prof. Petar Vuleković. The lectures provided a better insight and overview of new approaches to this field of study, emphasizing a timely approach based on quality diagnostics that will complement the knowledge of the pathophysiological mechanism of the onset of pain in the hands and provide adequate therapy.

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