In June 2019, more than 550 people participated in the Italian Chapter Congress, in Rome.

Specialists from different disciplines gathered in a multidisciplinary confrontation, to underline how pain medicine represents a specialty that must bring together a wealth of knowledge, ranging from Internal Medicine to Anesthesiology, from Rheumatology to Neurology, from Physiology to Orthopedics and others health professionals, nurses, physiotherapists, experts in wound care, radiologists, engineers, and scientific communication professionals.

The success of this congress is an encouraging result that confirms the growing interest in the work of our scientific society and in Pain Medicine.


The scientific program

The main themes of the program were: pain in neuroinflammatory, autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases, acute and chronic pain, osteoarthritic and postoperative pain.

Particular attention was paid to pain in elderly and children, in fragile patients. Clinical and social vulnerability were also explored.

The innovations and consolidated evidence of drug efficacy, as well as bioethics, interventional and intra-articular therapy were also discussed.


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