As a thoracic surgeon and a future specialist of pain medicine, I encounter cancer pain in my everyday work.

Having the honor to be invited to this prestigious school, I would like to express my special gratitude to Professor Tomašević, Professor Nevenka Krcevski Skvarc as well as Efic’s president Dr. Bart Morlion, because they gave me the confidence to add and get new findings.

My congratulations go primarily to the choice of the topics. All of them were up-to-date, and the quality of the lecturers was at an extremely high level.

I would like to mention the quality of the whole Session 6 on Palliative Care 1 and the lectures of the following professors:

•        The Pathophysiology of pain in cancer patients – Bart Morlion;

•        Chronic Cancer Pain – Stefan Wirz;

•        Neuropathic pain related to cancer and cancer treatment – Thomas Tolle;

•        Opioid drugs side effects: How to manage in short- and long-term treatment – Bart    Morlion;

•        The use of opioids in patients with impaired renal or liver function – Bart Morlion;

•        Non-opioids for pain treatment in cancer patients (NSARs and Adjuvants) – Andreas Kopf);

•        Opioids and addiction in the Cancer Patients – Silviu Brill;

•        Opioid Hyperalgesia – Nevenka Krčevski Škvarč.


This school deserves the highest grade in terms of quality and organization, and I would gladly take part in it again.


Milos Milojkovic, MD, thoracic surgeon