School for Cancer Pain and Palliative Care was held on the 26th – 30th May 2019 at Faculty of Medicine of University Maribor, University Medical Center Maribor, Taborska 8, Maribor 2000, Slovenia.

The participants included doctors from across Europe, specialized in different fields. The lectures, workshops, and discussions provided participants with the experience and tools for the implementation of effective education.The different professional backgrounds of the participants gave a great contribution to the quality of Pain school.

Interactive learning methods were used to train participants with the objective that they would be able to adapt and apply to their local program, as well as to motivate to furthering the research in the area of Pain Medicine. Through the hands-on training, group exercises, patient interview, the participants were able to simulate their future activities.


Evaluation and Follow Up

There were three surveys made throughout the school, to help the participant process and to assess new concepts and pieces of information that were taught. At the end of the Pain school, there was a Questionnaire and Analysis of Questionnaires, as well as certifications- participants were given certificates for the attendance.


Acknowledgments to collaborations and support

The selected topics were up-to-date and the quality of the lecturers was at an extremely high level. I am very grateful for being given a chance to participate, especially that my Ph.D. studies are in Pain Medicine, as well as the topic of my thesis. I was able to adopt new perception and I have been provided with the information I wouldn’t have the chance to obtain in any other circumstances.

I would like to express my special gratitude to Professor Snezana Tomasevic Todorovic, Professor Nevenka Krcevski Skvarc, as well as EFIC head Dr. Bart Morlion for the support and given chance to further my knowledge and career.

Tijana Spasojevic