Krakow has always been famous for its beauty, charm and culture. It is the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland, dating back to the 7th century.

On 22-27 June 2019, Krakow will host the European Pain Federation Krakow Pain School on Translational Pain Research: From Lab to Clinic. Speakers will include prominent scientists in pain research. During the rich five days, many topics related to the mechanisms of pain will be discussed, such as: translational impact of basic research in the knowledge of chronic pain mechanisms, individual nature of responsiveness to pain treatment, central mechanisms of primary headaches and many others. The preliminary program can be found here.

The European Pain Federation offers 15 grants for participation of the European Pain Federation EFIC® Chapter Members. For grant applications please contact us at .

For more information on the application, please visit the Pain School page on the EFIC website under “requirements to receive a grant.”

Deadline for grant applications is February 15th

For more information on the school, program, lecturers and venue, please visit the Pain School website:

Information on the possibility of applying for grants from other sources will also be announced soon on the Pain School website

If you have any questions on Krakow Pain School please email Barbara Przewlocka at

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