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Between the 1st and 3rd September 2022, EFIC held sittings of its examinations for physicians and physiotherapists. The Examinations for the European Diplomas in Pain Medicine and Pain Physiotherapy (EPDM and EDPP) were sat in-person for the first time since the pandemic. 27 candidates took the EDPM exam, while 16 candidates took the EDPP exam.

The multi-choice-question components of each exam were held virtually in November 2021, allowing for many more new candidates to take the exam. There was therefore much demand for the part 2 of each examination, which is difficult to recreate through virtual means. The EDPM requires a round of ‘Objective Structured Clinical Examinations’ (OSCEs) and a viva, while the EDPP requires a clinical skills assessment and viva. Teams of 21 and 10 examiners respectively were required to support each exam. Members of our Pain Nursing Education working group were present to observe and formulate their examination ahead of a launch in 2023.

After such a long intermission, it was pleasing to restart EFIC’s examination programme in full and to see a new batch of clinicians test their competences. Results will be shared with candidates in two weeks, with those achieving the diploma being honored at the next EFIC congress via a diploma ceremony.

Register now for Part 1 in 2022

The Examination for the European Diploma in Pain Medicine (EDPM) and the Examination for the European Diploma in Pain Physiotherapy (EDPP) will be held virtually on Saturday 19th November 2022EFIC Academy members are able to benefit from a 25% discount on the registration fee; find out more and sign up here now.You can find more information on the exams, how to prepare, and a list of previous diplomates here.

Coming soon: Examination for the European Diploma in Pain Nursing

The European Pain Federation EFIC is also planning on organising examinations for the European Diploma in Pain Nursing in the near future. If you are interested in taking the exam, sign up here and we will be in touch as soon as updates become available.

EDPP Examiners

EDPM Examiners