EFIC on the Move campaign raises awareness of the importance of physical activity in preventing primary and secondary pain.

A multidisciplinary group of experts (physiotherapy, rehabilitation specialist, medical doctors and patients), with the review of the European Region of the World Congress of Physiotherapy,  has put together awareness and education resources for healthcare professionals, patient and general publics, that have been disseminated during the European Public Health Week 2019 and  the EFIC 2019 congress and will also be featured in a poster presentation at the Societal Impact of Pain Symposium of 7 November 2019 in Brussels.

The good news is that you can now find those materials online, on our campaign´s webpage!

Check out our On the Move Infographics and videos here.

Taking stock of these activities a survey will be launched later this year, to measure the impact of the campaign and define next steps. The campaign messages will also feed into the 2020 Global and European Year for Pain Prevention organized with the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP).