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Pain is a core component of the patient’s experience within healthcare systems. The work of several European medical, scientific and patient organisations touches upon pain. Pain is relevant to all of us, and thus we wish to find a common way of working on subjects relevant to pain.

With the European Pain Forum, we aim to create a platform where we can work together to ensure cooperation on issues where we share a common scientific understanding. In the future, this could lead to common responses to requests for expert opinion, the development of common clinical guidelines, and the development of common educational tools.

Prospective members of the Forum first met in June 2018 for a preparatory meeting and again for the first official meeting of the Forum in Spring 2019.

The two meetings and ongoing exchanges among participant societies led to the drafting of the European Pain Forum General Provisions, that will guide its activities in the future.

Officially announced at the EFIC 2019 Congress in Valencia, the Forum counts 11 fully endorsing organisations so far, and more are in the process of joining. The first official project of the Forum will kick off in January 2020.

All the organisations endorsing the pain forum are listed here.