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European Cancer OrganisationThe European Pain Federation EFIC is delighted to have been approved as a member society of the European Cancer Organisation. In the future, EFIC will be joining the European Cancer Organisation’s General Assemblies and share their expertise in various working groups of existing and new projects (scientific, educational or policy focused). We look forward to a fruitful co-operation while working together to build consensus and achieve improvement in cancer care.

In addition to consulting on Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan earlier this year, we have also endorsed a Joint Statement by the European Patient Cancer Coalition to call on EU policymakers to prioritise cancer-related complications and comorbidities. See the statement in full here.

For more information on EFIC and cancer pain, please see the following resources:

  1. Read the EFIC position paper on cancer pain: Standards for the management of cancer‐related pain across Europe: A position paper from the EFIC Task Force on Cancer Pain
  2. View the following lectures on the EFIC Education Platform on Cancer Pain:
    • Chronic Cancer Pain
    • Cannabinoids in the treatment of chronic cancer pain
    • Chronic Pain in the Cured Cancer Patients
    • Chronic pain treatment in patients with cancer: what are the challenges?
    • Total Pain Concept in Cancer Pain
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