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National Focus Day # 11 – Pain, Osteoporosis and Quality of Life

January 18

Osteoporosis is a paradigm of chronic pain syndrome; as such, and in accordance with what is sanctioned by the WHO, it requires an interdisciplinary approach, capable of guaranteeing the best Quality of Life together with the recovery of disability derived from pain. Osteoporosis has a high bio-psycho-social impact, to which are associated high costs; unfortunately, a vision oriented to the treatment of the epiphenomenon (vertebral or femoral fracture) is still prevailing together with an “old” management. 

Starting from these assumptions, which must be linked to the epidemiological projections of the WHO on the global and national population aging, this Focus Day aims to provide a “transdisciplinary” and “contaminated” examination of Osteoporosis.

Experts of the various disciplines of the medical world (Pain specialists, Gynecologists, Endocrinologists, Rheumatologists, Pharmacologists, Basic Researchers and General Practitioners) will participate, together with highly representative economists and philosophers, because chronic pain, due to its peculiar characteristics, requires an “integrated”, anthropocentric and synchronous vision between the different expressions of Medical and Social and Economics Sciences. 

More information (In Italian) here.


January 18