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CRPS Assist is a free online tool designed by British physiotherapists in collaboration with a respected medical expert for all European physiotherapists who may know a little about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) but need practical guidance and perhaps don’t have easy access to it. Providing fast access to expert advice CRPS Assist can help clinicians identify patients with CRPS and decide what to do next. Highlighting common pitfalls and practical tips, it also includes a downloadable Budapest diagnostic criteria form.

The goal is to help patients with CRPS access the care they deserve as quickly as possible wherever they live. Patients with chronic CRPS repeatedly report difficulty getting a diagnosis and accessing treatment. As a relatively rare condition, most physiotherapists will see a patient with CRPS only occasionally during their career and will therefore have limited experience and expertise. All physiotherapists are however well placed to identify CRPS patients early. CRPS Assist offers expert guidance and support from real expert clinicians at the touch of a button, wherever and whenever it is needed and it’s completely free. It is also available in many different European languages.