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About Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Awareness month

Since 2014, the month of November is recognised as Colour the World Orange™ for complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) awareness. CRPS is a painful and debilitating post-traumatic primary pain disorder. Clinical presentations vary enormously between patients, and a diagnosis is made using the Budapest criteria (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Budapest criteria. Taken from Goebel, A, Barker, C, Birklein, F, et al. Standards for the diagnosis and management of complex regional pain syndrome: Results of a European Pain Federation task force. Eur J Pain. 2019; 23: 641– 651.

Raising awareness for CRPS is crucial to improve early diagnosis, access to appropriate treatment, public understanding, and support for individuals living with this condition. It can ultimately lead to a better quality of life for those affected by CRPS and promote research into more effective treatments.

The Wide Spectrum Of Clinical CRPS Presentations: How can we best recognise this in our clinical practice?

Join us for a webinar to commemorate #CRPSAwarenessMonth where experts and patients will discuss the wide spectrum of CRPS presentations and also introduce you to CRPS Assist, a free online tool that can help clinicians identify patients with CRPS and decide what to do next. Register here.

The European Pain Federation have several resources to help assess and manage CRPS: