The European Pain Federation EFIC has launched a new curriculum for nurses. The Core Curriculum for the European Diploma in Pain Nursing aims to improve the standard of pain care provided by the nursing profession. The Curriculum will guide future educational projects, not least of which will be an examination and diploma, expected in 2021.

The Curriculum has been endorsed by the European Specialist Nurses Organisation (ESNO). ESNO is a non-profit organisation, which promotes and contributes to the health and wellbeing of Europeans by facilitating and enabling the political voice of specialist nurses. ESNO aims to secure the recognition of specialist nursing in the EU and greater Europe. ESNO and EFIC aim to work together to develop the expertise of nurses who wish to specialise in pain care.

Dr Emma Briggs, Chair of the EFIC Nursing Curriculum WG commented: “Specialist Pain Nurses play a critical role in the inter-professional team improving care for patients. As well as providing expert clinical care, they work across organisations educating other professionals, performing audit and research and leading policy and quality improvement initiatives. But access to and standards of education for pain nurses varies across Europe. This EFIC Curriculum provides a competency framework for European nurses and a chance to study for a recognised qualification.”

Professor Bart Morlion, EFIC President, commented: “The EDPN is a new pillar within our pain education approach, and one which we have been considering for some time. Along with the curricula targeted at physicians, physiotherapists, and soon clinical psychologists, it should play a strong role in improving pain expertise across the health professions.”

Adriano Friganovic, ESNO president, commented: ”Pain management is highly important for specialist nurses and ESNO is very happy to endorse the Core Curriculum for the European Diploma in Pain Nursing (EDPN). This document will improve treatment of pain provided by specialist nurses and promote specialization for pain management within the nursing profession.“