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The 2023 European Pain Federation EFIC Council Meeting will take place in Budapest at #EFIC2023 on the 19 September 2023. We will be holding elections for three positions on the Executive Board. 

  1. Member-at-Large (2). The successful candidate will serve for three years each.
  2. Honorary Treasurer (1). The successful candidate will serve for three years.

The following conditions must apply for all candidates:

  • Candidates must be a member of their national Chapter, and must have been a member since at least 19 September 2021 (two years in advance of the election
  • Candidates must be endorsed by at least three Chapters.

 In response to questions during recent elections, we also provide the following guidance:

  • Candidates may contact other Chapters and sitting Board members to support their candidacy.
  • Candidates will be asked to provide additional information (e.g. CV, video statement) in advance of the vote. The exact format of the voting process and any presentations will be determined nearer the time. Candidates may be asked to attend the Council meeting where the vote takes place.

The deadline for candidates to put themselves forward is noon CET on Monday 3rd July 2023. We will publicise the names of candidates as soon as possible afterwards. The elections will take place at the annual Council meeting in Budapest on 19 September 2023.

Nomination forms should be sent to