The Thematic Networks programme 2018 is now concluded, but we are continuing our engagement on the societal impact of pain based on the policy recommendations in the Joint Statement.

This means that the two webinars recorded during the 2018 thematic network cycle will now be publicly available on a EU Health Policy Platform dedicated webpage available on DG SANTE website. The webinars available are: “Challenges and opportunities to address the Societal Impact of Pain in the EU” and “The Societal Impact of Pain – our joint challenge to tackle”. This is a great opportunity as it will give SIP more visibility!

Will the SIP Thematic Network still exist?

Despite the closure of the 2018 programme, SIP will continue to exist through its stakeholder network. The SIP platform manages its stakeholder group on the EU Health Policy Platform and remains active on the issue of the societal impact of pain.

This means that future collaboration will take place within the EU Health Policy Platform. If you would be interested in contributing to the work being done on the societal impact of pain, please join the Platform.

How do we want to bring forward our work?

As part of the Thematic Network, SIP produced policy recommendations, based on an extensive dialogue with European pain community stakeholders, in the form of a Joint Statement  and continued its engagement around it after the closure of the 2018 Thematic Network cycle . So far, the document has been endorsed by over 100 organisations as you can see in our updated infographic.

To continue further the work, SIP will:

  • use the framework paper and the policy recommendations to guide the activities of the SIP national platforms and patient organisations;
  • use the Thematic Network as an opportunity to create synergies as per the new collaboration with other European Commission’s initiatives such as CHRODIS+;
  • continue building connections, exchange of information, and seek new opportunities through the SIP stakeholder group;
  • liaise with policy-makers to build on our recommendations and commitments for concrete policy action.

Please do not hesitate to join the SIP Network on the EU Health Policy Platform and to endorse our Joint Statement by sending an email with the logo of your organisation to!





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