You always remember your first.

When Roi Treister, PhD won the EFIC-Grunenthal Grant (EGG) in 2016, it was the first grant that he had been awarded.

“As a young researcher, your first grant funding is so important. It opens up your possibilities and is a springboard for getting more funding in the future,” says Treister, PhD. “Winning a grant like the EGG not only gives you the funds to pursue your research, it gives you more credibility and visibility in the field.”

Treister, PhD is now an Associate Professor at University of Haifa’s Clinical Pain Innovation Lab. With a background in psychology and neurology, his research focusses on how people evaluate their experience of pain, and how this affects measurement and treatment.

The project that earned him the EGG, looked at whether training people to evaluate more accurately their pain influences the effectiveness of clinical trials by reducing the placebo response.

This is a relatively new and novel approach to pain research, and Treister, PhD thinks his application was successful for such a reason.

“Unlike some other grants, the EGG is aimed at young researchers. It is willing to take a risk on bold projects and new ideas.”

“My advice to potential applicants is to be brave. Put your ideas forward and see what happens.”


You can read more about Treister, PhD research on pain here.


The E-G-G symposium will be held at the EFIC congress on the 5th of September 2019, 16:30-18:00 in Hall.


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