Declaration of Miami

At the Miami Beach Convention Center, the site of the sixth World Congress of the World Institute of Pain in 2012, leaders of the four societies – Dr. Ricardo Ruiz-Lopez, President of WIP; Prof. Hans Kress, President of EFIC; Prof. Robert van Seventer, President of WSPC; and Dr. Prithvi Raj, Chairman and Prof. Serdar Erdine, CEO both of the WIP Foundation, jointly declared through the Declaration of Miami that:

•   It is the right of any human individual to have access to the best possible pain relief in any and every part of the world.

•   We, as a consortium of professional pain societies, and as witnessed by the representatives from all continents, affirm the above declaration and strive towards its fulfillment.

•   The advances in medicine will continue to increase the population of healthy, young and old people all over the world.

•   Presently, there is still limited access to adequate treatment of acute and chronic pain in many parts of the world

•   Governments and even healthcare professionals are not sufficiently aware of chronic pain as a health problem.

•   Many healthcare professionals are not educated and familiar with best practice pain medicine.

•   We demand that Pain Medicine should be a distinct specialty because of its unique body of knowledge required to treat pain patients.

The declaring professional organizations jointly and firmly agree on the right of any human individual to have easy access to adequate pain management, the necessity of generally available information about proper options for pain relief and the obligations of governments and health systems to provide financial, personnel and structural resources to achieve these goals and to guarantee adequate pain management as a human right.