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Stress Awareness Month is an annual event organized by the Stress Management Society, since 1992. The aim of this month is for health care professionals and health promotion experts to increase public awareness about both the causes and treatments for stress. The theme of the 2021 month is Regain Connection, Certainty, and Control.

A large body of evidence shows that stress and pain are associated with each other. Stress is frequently reported by individuals with acute and chronic pain. Stress can be a significant factor in sleep problems, as well as mental health problems including anxiety and depression. Since sleep and mental health problems can influence pain, stress can contribute to create a vicious cycle of pain for individuals.

Physical activity and exercise can help to reduce stress levels in people with pain.

The European Pain Federation’s ‘On The Move’ campaign has extensive resources (available in 11 languages) to help individuals with pain participate in more physical activity/exercise.

Given comorbidities like stress are becoming more common in patients with pain, The EFIC 2022 Congress will focus on Pain and its Comorbidities in the Digital Age. For more information about the 2022 Congress, please visit

To access detailed resources on how to manage stress, please visit the Stress Awareness Month website at