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The European Pain Federation EFIC represents the pain science community at European level, promoting basic, translation, and clinical research into pain and providing a forum for pain research collaboration. To this end, EFIC is launching its Pain Scientist Network which you can join today!

The Pain Scientist Network is our internal listing of pain scientists, organised by their fields of research expertise and activity. Pain scientists who complete the form below will be included within the Pain Scientist Network, from which they can be connected to other researchers in their field.


Why should I join?

  • To network with peers working in my field – at EFIC events and on EFIC’s future online platforms
  • To make myself open to requests to collaborate on research projects in my field
  • To share research developments relevant to my peers and learn from others
  • To make myself available for EFIC projects specific to my field of expertise – e.g. new task forces or consultation responses


Find out more about the Pain Scientist Network here.