#EFIC2023 Latest Industry Innovations

Satellite Symposia

Wednesday, 20 Sept 2023 – 12.30-13.30 CET – Parallel 5: An Innovative Technology to address unmet needs in MSK pain


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12:30-12:35                      Welcome & Introduction/Opening Remarks

Gisèle Pickering

12:35-12:50                       A new far infrared patch for MSK pain: safety, efficacy and mechanism of action

Ali Mobasheri

12:50-13:05                      Patient journey in MSK pain management: addressing unmet needs

Neil Betteridge

13:05-13-30                      Open Discussion / Q&A / Summary Remarks

All, Chairpersons, Gisèle Pickering

Thursday, 21 Sept 2023 – 12.00-12.15 CET – Parallel 3: How can pharmaceutical companies help patients provide the information you need in consultations?


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Thursday, 21 Sept 2023 – 12.00-13.00 CET – Parallel 5: Listen To Pain: Applying a personalised approach to pain management for older people


This Symposium is organised and supported by:

12:00-12:15                      Chair’s welcome and introduction to the picture of pain on a global scale

Gisèle Pickering

12:15-12:30                       Personalised approach to pain in older people: Real World Evidence study topical medicines

Christian Maihöfner

12:30-12:45                      Listen to Pain

Pranab Kalita

12:45-13:00                      Q&A

Moderated by Magdalena Kocot Kepska


Thursday, 21 Sept 2023 – 12.30-13.30 CET – Parellel 2: Striking a nerve – understanding the role of TRPV1 agonists in treating peripheral neuropathic pain


This Symposium is organised and supported by:

12:30–12:35                      Welcome and introductions

Moderator Lloyd Bracey, LionsDen, Cheltenham, UK

12:35–12:55                      How does the mode of action of topically used TRPV1 agonists justify their repeated use in peripheral neuropathic pain?

Rainer Freynhagen DEAA, EDPM, Benedictus Hospitals, Tutzing & Feldafing, Germany

12:55–13:15                      Overcoming challenges for older patients with peripheral neuropathic pain: insights from a new analysis with capsaicin 179 mg cutaneous patch

Gisèle Pickering, University Hospital, Clermont-Ferrand, France

13:15–13:30                      Q&A session and close