Welcome to #EFIC2023

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am proud to announce the 13th Congress of the European Pain Federation EFIC® will be held in Budapest, Hungary from 20-22 September 2023. As Europe’s most important multi-disciplinary and multi-professional organisation in the field of pain science, we represent 38 constituent national pain societies with over 20,000 scientists, doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, psychologists, and other healthcare professionals. Our core domains of activity focus on education, research and advocacy. 

On behalf of the Federation it gives me great pleasure to invite you to the most prestigious and largest international pain meeting in 2023. Under the theme of ‘Personalised Pain Management: The Future is Now’we are planning an ambitious programme of lectures, workshops, refresher courses and networking initiatives on acute, chronic, cancer and non-cancer pain. In addition to the latest developments in basic, translational and clinical science, we will also focus on pain management in  primary care , as well as multimodal interdisciplinary care. 

Professor Esther Pogatzki-Zahn is leading an excellent, multidisciplinary  Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) building the in-person programme that will include established internationally known scientists, as well as younger fellows and postdocs. We all value the benefit of personal networking, and in Budapest you will once again be able to meet old friends, and hopefully develop new collaborative networks. 

A comprehensive Industrial Exhibition, and sponsored Satellite Symposia, will perfectly complement the scientific content. On behalf of the European Pain Federation EFIC®, I encourage you to join us for the most ambitious Pain Congress in 2023 

Kind regards,
Brona Fullen, PhD, MSc, BSc
President, European Pain Federation EFIC®

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are very excited to invite you to Pain in Europe XIII: the13th Congress of the European Pain Federation EFIC,which will take place in Budapest, Hungary, on 20-22 September 2023. I am honoured to serve as Scientific Programme Committee Chair, and to set out my vision for the #EFIC2023 programme.

The theme for #EFIC2023 is ‘Personalised Pain Management: The Future Is Now’. There is increasing evidence that personalised pain management is required to fit individual aspects of each patient with chronic pain. Individualised pain management, the prediction of a certain response to treatments, decision-making related to the prevention of pain are all important aspects to be considered. The same applies for acute pain and the transition from acute to chronic pain. #EFIC2023 aims to analyse recent developments in this area from pain research to pain management, from existing knowledge to pressing questions, from controversies to clear-cut evidence.

Pain in Europe XIII will continue to focus on an interdisciplinary pain management, with a programme that benefits basic researchers, practicing physicians, as well as allied healthcare professionals. We will of course also address patients’ need by including their voice in the program.

We are looking forward to ​welcoming you all in Budapest, Hungary. We hope the Congress will provide all participants with an unforgettable personal and professional experience.

Kind regards

Prof. Dr. Esther Pogatzki-Zahn
Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee