Patient Involvement at #EFIC2023

The theme for #EFIC2023 is ‘Personalised Pain Management: The Future Is Now’. There is increasing evidence that personalised pain management is required to fit individual aspects of each patient with chronic pain. Individualised pain management, the prediction of a certain response to treatments, decision-making related to the prevention of pain are all important aspects to be considered. The same applies for acute pain and the transition from acute to chronic pain. #EFIC2023 aims to analyse recent developments in this area from pain research to pain management, from existing knowledge to pressing questions, from controversies to clear-cut evidence.

Pain in Europe XIII will continue to focus on an interdisciplinary pain management, with a programme that benefits basic researchers, practicing physicians, as well as allied healthcare professionals. We will of course also address patients’ needs by including their voice in the program. Please find out more in the interview below with #EFIC2023 SPC member and Pain Alliance Europe President Deirdre Ryan: