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We’re happy to share impressions from the EFIC Pain School on Neuropathic Pain: 24-27 October 2022 in Lyon, France from attendees:


The EFIC Pain School on Neuropathic Pain was an amazing experience which really changed the way I will examine and treat my patients from now on, and what medications they need.

It has been a delightful experience to be able to attend the EFIC Pain School on Neuropathic Pain. It has been a true pleasure to hear your thoughts, which helped me understand what we are working for. Thanks to Luis, and all other speakers and for the wonderful time.

As an anesthesiologist I have learned many new aspects diagnosis/management of neuropathic pain. I will definitely apply this knowledge and will develop these skills in the future.

Thanks to all of you who have organized this School of neuropathic pain! It has been a pleasure to meet you all, including all the participants, who represented 23 countries. The school has inspired me to read and study more about neuropathic pain and to acquire more knowledge about the topic. And thank you for the pleasant stay in Lyon, for all the nice meals and for the visit to the Musée Lumière! 

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