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For the #EFIC2023 congress in Budapest this September, the European Pain Federation EFIC will be taking environmental considerations into account. By choosing suppliers that are committed to sustainable practices, opting for digital conference materials over printable versions, as well as reusing materials from previous events when possible our aim is to increase the sustainability factor of our meeting. Additionally, catering will focus on seasonal products and any surplus food will be donated to nonprofit associations. Recordings of selected sessions will give EFIC Academy members the opportunity to partake virtually via the EFIC Academy Education Platform. 

Attendees of the congress can contribute to sustainability as well, for example by being mindful of waste accumulation or opting for reusable mugs or water bottles over single use items. As Budapest is located centrally in the heart of Europe, attendees are encouraged to look at the many excellent train and bus routes from major European cities such as Vienna, Prague, and Munich. Find out more about sustainability at #EFIC2023 here.


Buy your ticket now and don’t miss out – meet us in Budapest on 20-22 September 2023!