On May 13th 2019, EFIC On the Move was a partner of the European Public Health Week, “Becoming, being and remaining physically active“ organized in Brussels by the European Public Health Association EUPHA. The day started with a roundtable on the topic and ended with a walkinar in the city.

What is EFIC On The Move?

Launched in 2017 by European Pain Federation EFIC President Bart Morlion, the campaign “EFIC on the Move” raises awareness of the importance of physical activity in preventing primary and secondary pain.

What’s going on right now?

A working group chaired by EFIC President Elect Brona Fullen has been working on the scientific and educational content, through infographics, in collaboration with the World Confederation for Physical Therapy / Physiotherapy ER-WCPT, to be released very soon.

The infographics aim to ensure that all healthcare professionals are aware of the physical activity recommendations and that they advise patients about the significant benefits that come with increasing their activity levels in either the prevention or management of pain. It also gives practical tips for pain patients to help them exercise. Finally, it aims to convey the benefits of physical activity to the general public.

Practicing what we preach at #EFIC2019: Let’s Move!

Stay healthy at #EFIC2019! We want to practice what we preach by staying active during the congress in Valencia: enjoy yoga sessions in a dedicated area of the congress, and fun activities will also be available at our booth!

On Wednesday 4th September, attend our interactive sections, where healthcare professionals and patients discuss how to better inform and motivate patients on the importance of physical activity. Check the program out – On the Move sessions displayed in blue.

Remember, increasing one’s own physical activity does not have to be difficult: simply take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk or smooth cycle rather than taking the car/public transport can start to bring about changes!

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