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Attending #EFIC2023 is an amazing opportunity to gain new knowledge, meet peers, expand your skillset and expose yourself to new perspectives in your field. Whether you are looking to attend #EFIC2023 as a clinician or a researcher, you might need to persuade your employer/superiors of the benefits of attending #EFIC2023. Our attendee justification letter templates are a helpful resource allowing you to outline your justifications for attending #EFIC2023, plus the costs of travel, lodging, time away from work, and other expenses associated with the meeting.


#EFIC2023 Attendee Justification Letter – Clinicians
#EFIC2023 Attendee Justification Letter – PhD Student


Use the template relevant to you and customise any elements to develop a proposal for your attendance at #EFIC2023 in Budapest in September 2023.



Buy your ticket now and don’t miss out – meet us in Budapest on 20-22 September 2023!